Rui Guilherme is the face of Vulpinus in Portugal

The Spanish brand Vulpinus is now marketed directly in Portugal through Rui Guilherme, manager of the company VisionClass – Artigos de Óptica. In September, this independent brand launches its new collection, consisting of 18 models, across Europe.

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Prooptica pays tribute to Amália Rodrigues with a special event

It was on July 30th that Prooptica officially announced the release of the Amália Eyewear collection. By 6PM, the doors of Casa de Amália were opened, for “a special and meaningful event with fantastic energy”. Given the atypical time we are living in, the event had a very limited number of participants, but was broadcasted live for all those interested in attending.

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Vulpinus is inspired “by our nature”

“Inspired by our nature,” Vulpinus glasses – from a small village on the Spanish coast, near Barcelona – reflect the sun, the light of the Mediterranean Sea, the nature that surrounds its creators, the mountains and the environment of various social activities.

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McLaren Vision integrates portfolio of Prooptica

With the main goal of continuing to guarantee an attractive and competitive offer for its costumers and partners, the portfolio of Prooptica brands presents news in 2020. In January, the McLaren Vision line integrated the Premium segment of brands in the Eyewear business area.

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